First, you must follow instructions to get rid of the car in Awe. Here one can find all the answers on methods of selling car online right on the same day. Now it is possible to sell the old and useless car to CASH FOR CARS AUSTRALIA Cash for cars at the most valuable price throughout We. These are the few simple methods that you must follow in order to get a fast removal of your car. We accept cars of any condition and all brands.


Selling off you car for extra bucks like SUVs and trucks in a few simple steps


Simply give us a call on 0434 406 192. We will find out all the best prices.


Taking up the offers

We offer extremely competitive prices for scrap cars, SUVs and trucks



If you are happy with our price we collect your vehicle and we pay you on the spot.

What Is the Price Expected for Car Removal The price of the towed car is subjective and it depends on the current condition of the vehicle along with its quality and brand. The mileage also plays a role in the price. However, we make sure that our company will give the best quotation for your junk car! Don’t worry; we will give the best quotation possible!

What Type of Cars Are Accepted TAll cars are accepted from us. No matter what vehicle we have cars, trucks or other types of vehicles; they are all accepted. You will receive an offer that has no strings attached for us for any old or damaged vehicles that you send to us for free car removal.

If The Car Is Still Being Paid Instalments, Will It Be Accepted? At this time, we cannot accept any vehicle that has been used and still running on loans. For these types of vehicles, you will not be paid until the car loan has been completely cleared by the bank.

Our Best Offer is up to $10000 for any Scrap Cars, we buy all types of cars doesn’t matter it’s running or not, any accident, any rid off, any broken, any size engine…

Call: 0435 955 334 orGET FREE QUOTE
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Are Vehicles Are Accepted In Any State Trust us, it’s true. Our company will take in cars at any state whether it is immobile or with some missing parts, or a complete damaged condition – may be because of a car accident. Even if it is just a junk car, the company will take in the vehicle and you can still get some money out of the useless junk. The vehicles we accept are from any other brands and it includes all models. Visit us for more information on junk cars.

Do You Need To Bring the Vehicle to Our Site? The answer is no! The car removal process is super smooth. We will ask someone to tow the damaged car from your house to our site, free of charge. This is a hectic process if you need to bring the cash for cars to the site by yourself. Once offer is accepted, our team will go and fetch your car.

How long do I have to wait to sell the car and the documentation needed? Here at our company, the process is done quickly. The documentation is done on the very same day. Call us today for quotation.